Before anything else I am a panda lover, even panda obsessed, they are such amazing animals. In fact, to be honest, this adorable creature has fascinated me from the very first moment I saw one. They are just so interesting.

So it seemed like a good idea to actively do things related to pandas: so I did. From 2018 I have run a blog that includes nothing but panda facts. There’s a panda encyclopedia, panda news, famous pandas and anything and everything about pandas. It’s a perfect panda paradise.

I have even set up an Instagram account, whose photos and videos are followed by hundreds of fans each and every day.

Then I thought, “Don’t we all need some panda in our lives?” Everyone I asked said, “Yes!”

So, I started a panda squishy business, because I want to help everyone relax and be happy via the world’s cutest panda toy.

Why is our panda squishy toy any different from others? That’s a great question, and here are the reasons why:

First, they are made to the very best of standards, and are of excellent quality. Every single squishy is tested before being selected by our sales team; we strive to make sure each one is perfect, safe and eco-friendly.

Second, we offer free — yes free — shipping to twenty countries worldwide.

Third, you can safely return your squishy at any time. In the unlikely event your panda squishy has a manufacturing defect in either its materials or workmanship, you can return it any time, even after 30 days.

So remember, our squishes are the best for quality, shipping and guaranteed returns.

Happy squishing!